It’s not just about giving.


At Collective insights, our community is more than just something we’re part of, it’s a guiding light for who we are. While some companies write checks and log volunteer hours, we work for a seat at the table so we can make a difference at a more fundamental level. You’ll still find us lending a hand or sharing a donation, but more than that, we’re invested in the impact that comes after those actions.

And that doesn’t just apply to management. We encourage each and every one of our employees to follow their own path by getting involved at all levels of the community.

Here are just a few of the organizations we have joined forces with and how we approach our partnerships:

Like so many others at our firm, I have a passion for helping others. The amazing thing about Collective Insights is that we can bring that passion to work with us and magnify it. In fact, all of our current community partnerships developed from existing connections that our folks had outside of CI. We strive to continue to foster these relationships and grow them into lasting, meaningful partnerships. The city of Atlanta has played an impactful role in all of our lives, and our hope is to keep up that positive momentum by helping others in our community.
-Austin Monroe

Atlanta has given me a home, a church, a career, and a community that I adore. I have always felt a large calling to love, support, and help those around me who have a need, whether it be small or large. I personally spend some time each month at the SafeHouse in downtown Atlanta and I am very active at my church. Collective Insights encourages and supports all of our employees to be involved in serving our community. The best part is, as a company, we find causes and events that we can serve and support as a team. People genuinely caring about people is a beautiful thing. Collective Insights is devoted to the city of Atlanta and we work hard to show the city that we stand by our word that “it’s not just about giving”.
-Chelsea Hebb