Our Culture:
All Together Now.

We take a whole-life, whole-team approach to what we do. We’re great at our work because we hire and work with great people. People we trust to challenge us with diverse perspectives. People we like to hang out with. People in whose lives we invest, and who do the same for us. We are stronger, smarter, faster, and more fun together.

Anna Liang

We are a family here at CI! We are all working together to achieve a common goal, and there isn’t that feeling of unhealthy competition with each other that I’ve felt at other companies. We are always looking out for one another.

Anna Liang

Be the player that always has a voice.

Nobody warms the bench at Collective Insights (We don’t actually know why we bought the thing). When you work here, you are essential to what we do. We hire you to play to your strengths, and we help you develop them. We all win.

Anna Liang

Working at Collective Insights is unique because it is small enough where you have influence on the activities and direction of the company, but connected enough to get interesting work.

Jessica Graham

Where everybody knows your name.

Do we love what our people do for Collective Insights? You bet. But that’s true because of who they are, how they think, and how they bring themselves to their lives. These folks do great things wherever they go, whether at work or at play. So we take time to celebrate each other.

Anna Liang

I have worked at quite a few consulting firms in my years, and CI is completely unlike any other company. I have the sense as an employee that I am truly valued and wanted.

Stanton Worrell

Complete our collection.
Let’s do this together.

You’re always looking for a way to move forward. We get that; us too. So ask yourself: are you up to being challenged, and to challenging others? Are you ready for the enthusiastic support of a group of like-minded experienced consultants—people who actually get it? Join us, and we’ll take our next step forward as a team.

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